Jhey Tompkins

Brings ideas to life with code! ✨

Senior Web Engineer. Creative Developer. Content Creator. Whimsical Specialist. International Speaker. Ex-Google.

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When you make a lot of content, it's hard to keep tabs on all of it. Here are some links to various things I create or have been involved with.

Latest posts

I write a bunch, here are some of my latest posts.

Published articles

I'm fortunate to have written for some of my favorite publications. You can check out more of my writing at /writing. If I was to recommend one post that gives some insight into what I'm about, it's this one.


I've traveled all over the world showing people how to do awesome things with code. I'd love to speak at your event. Shall we speak about a topic? Hit me up!.


I sometimes pop up in other places on and off the internet. Podcasts, live streams, meetups, etc.


I'm a big believer in learning by doing and having fun. I shift the focus from "How?" and "Why?" to "What?" to produce fun demos to learn from and teach others. I've created over 1500 CodePens. Here are some of my favorite demos and projects.


I find it pretty fun making video content. But, I've yet to work out which style of video I prefer to create. Perhaps you can help. Let me know what you prefer!