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Jhey writes.

I love to write. And I'm happy to write about various topics whether it's a technical deep dive or a soft skills piece. I've written for publications such as CSS Tricks, Smashing Magazine, and SitePoint. I also published an ebook on CSS animation in 2020. Grab a copy!

Check out "Writing" for more!

Jhey streams.

I share my creative process on stream. No script. Turn up with an idea often chosen by the audience. And share the entire process from scribbling in my notebook to deployment!

Come and join in! You may or may not be able to fire animated kittens across the screen.

Stream clip "Turbo Kitty"

Jhey teaches.

I'm honored to be an Egghead instructor. I create many bite-sized screencasts teaching neat tips && tricks for web development. Is there something you'd like to see me teach? Let me know.

Check out my back catalog!

Jhey makes things.

It's not all one-off demos. I make a bunch of other things too which I throw up on Github. This is where the source for my CodePen and various projects tends to go. You can sponsor me too to keep the lights on!

Check out my projects!

Hit me up!

Want to say "Hey!"? Got something you'd like to ask? New project or opportunity? Want to hire me? Ping me!

Use this form. Or, for a quicker response, ping me over on Twitter.

Alternatively, shoot me an email at hey@jhey.dev.

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